Tennis 101: The Forehand

Tennis 101: The Forehand

A detrimental shot in the game, the forehand is without a doubt one of the most effective moves available in the player’s arsenal.

How to learn the forehand?

Establish eye contact with the ball

In order to complete the forehand shot, it is crucial you first maintain a fixed eye contact on the ball even when it is not pointed towards you. When maintaining such target remember minute tips such as if you are right handed to establish contact a bit off towards your right side. And set up the shot when the ball is right in front of you.

Racquet-face control

When practicing the forehand shot, it is imperative you establish prior and precise racquet-face control. Holding the correct direction of the racquet face will determine where the ball is reflected upon contact with it. When starting out, slowly get the feel of the bat and progressively strike the ball towards the intended direction by gaining accurate control of the racquet face.



Many players are known to hold their racquets with various grips. It really doesn’t matter how you hold the racquet as long as you gain total control of the racquet face and can effectively make shots towards predetermined directions. Another vital aspect when gripping the racquet is to hold the bat with not too much pressure and not too lightly as it can slip away from your hand. Tend to the hold the bat with mild force without much strain on the hands.


Remember the general rule that the force with which you hit the ball determines the ball’s speed and force. When beginning out and learning shots, it is critical you learn how to use power accordingly for each shot while trying to maintain the ball inside the court and not smashing it away from the court.


To complete a great shot, it is necessary you accordingly move with impeccable footwork in the court. You should be able to respond rapidly with your feet when the ball is impending. Basic tennis etiquette to bear in mind is that running in the court and chasing your shot; you should not sound like a herd of horses, instead maintain silence when pursuing shots in the court.

How to improve the forehand?

After gaining sufficient experience in making forehand shots, you can experiment and advance the shot by adding different spins such as the underspin and topspin. After getting comfortable with the racquet face, tend to strike the ball at specific angles of the racquet face to produce such spins on the ball.

If you struggle with getting anywhere on this yourself, perhaps its time to invest in some tennis lessons from a tennis coach near you.